Mehmet Chalyshkan

Chief of Steak&Terrace Meat_Coin restaurant in Moscow

Mehmet is a butcher with generations of experience, who became a specialist of his craft in 2001 in the team of Nusret Gökçe. He knows the ancient methods of cooking meat on open fire, worked in the restaurant Günaydin and in 2018 developed the concept of the menu for the Meat_Coin restaurant on Rubinstein street in Saint-Petersburg. In 2022 with his team he opened a Meat_Coin restaurant in Moscow (in Smolenskyi Passazh-2 shopping center) and Meat_Coin Country Club in Komarovo. Mehmet is a talented chief and his passionate dedication to meat and his unique cooking mastery made him one of the key figures in creation and development of expanding brand Meat_Coin.


Serkan Yigit

Chief of Meat_Coin restaurant Butcher&Grill on Rubinstein street

Serkan Yigit was born and grew up in a Turkish city of Iskenderun. He learnt a lot from his father: he taught Serkan not only how to cook, but also how to treat animals and how to feed calves and sheep, so their meat would be a real treat for the high cuisine lovers.
At the age of 16 Serkan decided to leave his city and become a professional butcher. He joined the team of Turkish steakhouse Scarlet, owned by a famous chef and restaurateur Nusret Gökçe. Later Serkan improved his skills and mastered new cooking techniques in Dubai and Bodrum. The gained experience, passion for cooking and his love for meat brought him to Meat_Coin.
Now he works as the Head Chef of Meat_Coin restaurant on Rubinstein and he is really proud that he has become a part of this unique place. His calling is to do his work with love and to devote himself to creating new culinary masterpieces. He and his team welcome every guest and create friendly and family atmosphere in the Meat_Coin restaurant.

Arif Naji

Chef of Meat_Coin restaurant in Komarovo

Arif Naji is an experienced butcher from Antalya. He started working at his family meat shop when he was 6. Driven by his love for the work and his desire to get more experience and knowledge, he moved to Istanbul, where he continued his career as a butcher at Günaydin steak house under the guidance of Nusret Gökçe.
His talent and hard work were noticed by the co-owners of Meat_Coin restaurant and he was offered to come to work to Saint-Petersburg. Arif became the head of the first Myasoyet burger restaurant and after that - of Murmur restaurant. Now he is the head of the third Meat_Coin restaurant in Komarovo.