Meat_Coin restaurants are a symbol of excellence in the gastronomy world, embodiment of love for meat and uncompromising aspiration for perfection. Three restaurants, each with its own character, are united by one philosophy - to capture the ideal taste of meat and present this experience to the guests.

On the menu there are not only simple and classic meat dishes that give guests a chance to feel the taste of meat in its pure form, but also complicated and exquisite combinations of tastes, that demonstrate the mastery and signature approaches of chiefs of Meat_Coin.

The perfect product

Exclusive supplier Myasoet Meat Company is responsible for the premium quality of meat in Meat_Coin. They send their meat scouts to farms around Russia to find beef with increased marbling and first-class lamb. Only the best cuts make it to the restaurants and they are approved personally by the visionaries of Meat_Coin. All the steaks meet the standards of USDA.


The history of Meat_coin brand started with the founders’ travel to Turkey - a country with rich traditions of dealing with meat. There they built a team of experienced head butchers who later became the key figures in creation of authentic meat menu.

Based on this experience, the first restaurant Meat_Coin Butcher&Grill opened its doors on Rubinstein Street. This restaurant is a sacred one, because it started the history of the brand and ubinstein Street. This restaurant is a sacred one, because it started the history of the brand and because here the visionaries of the project began their path as restaurateurs.

The success of the first restaurant inspired its founders to aim for new heights. They decided to create Meat_Coin Steak&Terrace in Moscow to provide its guests with an even more exquisite culinary journey. The restaurant became the embodiment of Meat_Coin’s project’s success and now attracts more and more gourmets and high cuisine lovers.

With the development of the brand and its acquirement of new values Meat_Coin Club in Komarovo became a response for the desire to create a unique place for family rest. The country club became a shelter for the taste’s lovers and offers not only excellent cuisine, but also an opportunity to spend time with family in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the nature.

Meat_Coin restaurants are not only the places where guests can enjoy tasty dishes, they also are a story of passion and dedication to food. Our journey from the first restaurant in Saint-Petersburg to the Country Club is a story of growth, development and pursuit of perfect gastronomical reputation. Complexity and complication of the product are clearly visible in every dish, made with love and creativity.